This is George picking out the balsa,with t-band started in hand. Al Kinard's 9'4"

How about building a balsa board out of this stack,we are in process.

Glueing up the cedar/balsa t-band.

Cutting stringer wood for Al's balsa! It's coming along Al.

Rough cut chambers,ready to fine tune the chamber for glue up.

First glue up stage with t-band and first chambered sticks to keep it straight,using braces.

Center balsas with t-band after pulling the clamps,will be shaping soon!

Next step we have the offset cedars glued up into the blank which is not finished yet,next are the rail sticks and then we are ready to shape!

9'7"B clark foam rocker profile balsa blank ready to shape t-band & 2 offsets going to be a really nice board. The balsa wood thief is in the bottom of photo "Rip" 85# golden lab,he loves to chew up balsa bones

Cleaned the bottom off to prepare for the template/outline, shaping is next step.

Drawing the outline for cutout.

Cutting out outline /sabersaw.

Cleaning up outline/40 grit and a little elbow grit.

This is it Al before rough shaping ,we are coming alongLooking good.

Finally rough shaping the blank,the vacuum gets clogged with the balsa so  balsa everywhere in my ears,hair & everywhere. Roughed blank weighing in at 18 pounds.

The blank after I banded it,with a little cafe con leche,Ecuadorian style coffee.Ecuadorian,wood,heritage and coffee make an Incan inspired quality board.

Al's custom tailblock he made attached,manana we fine sand and seal.LOOKING GOOD !

The shaped blank after block planing it.Getting close,next 40-60-100 grit sanding.

Finally fine sanded and signed. Will put up full deck photo manana.
As they say in Ecuador "super bacansisimo!"

This balsa is ready for the glass room.

The deck after being sealed,next will be lamination.

Getting ready to laminate.

Boxed and ready to be sanded

Glossed and ready to polish and ride.

Here it is the finished product,Al the owner and George the shaper.
Al was to say the least stoked! Great surfing in Hawaii Al!